MOTION for the Mont-Blanc Mountain Range Future

General Assemblies of
Mountain Wilderness International and proMONT-BLANC
June 14, 2004


mw-International_bluegOZ_1uIcThe long maturation process of the management tools of the Mont-Blanc territory has led «Espace Mont-Blanc*» to define a so called “Strategy for the Future” with a special emphasis on certain themes including the management of natural areas, the airspace and public attendance of the range.
Mountain Wilderness International and pro MONT-BLANC, having come together during their general meetings in Argentière on June 14, 2014:

  • Recall the role that the associative sector, in particular Mountain Wilderness and pro MONT-BLANC, has played and is still playing in the development process for the protection and sustainable management of Mont-Blanc
  • Recall that the current (preservation) process is a replacement project of an International Park, it requires all the players to demonstrate a genuine ambition to preserve this exceptional site,
  • Require all partners, especially the “Espace Mont-Blanc” municipalities, but also the regions and the three concerned states to get fully involved in the “Strategy for the Future” and its implementation in an action plan taking into account the major environmental and tourism management issues at the heart of the territory and its valleys,
  • Request on the particular airspace management theme and sightseeing flights that measures be taken on the entire Mont-Blanc territory similar to those enforced in French National Parks or Natural Reserves so that the range, its residents and visitors can find the peace that these this fabulous scenery deserves.

As it was found in the Mont Blanc Citizens Meetings held on June 13, the challenges are of a high acuity and deserve urgent commitments from all stakeholders : local, regional, inter-regional, national and European.
We, the associative world will take our part.

*Espace Mont-Blanc (EMB): Mont-Blanc Space, the transnational grouping union of the 3 countries commons (?) that have decided to work together for the development and the preservation of Mont-Blanc territories.

(VN, BM)

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