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Sunday, October 19, together with Mountain Wilderness, young climbers and mountain guides have carried up at the heart of the Mont-Blanc, at 3400m on the glacier of the Col du Geant a strong requirement to end the nuisance caused by the motorized recreational aviation in this paradise of beauty and silence! They have drawn with very large, but short leaving, letters a requirement widely shared:  “! SILENCE”

In our highly urbanized European countries, territories where men can still experience the “sound of silence” are very rare. This unique gift that the mountain gives us must be respected in Mont Blanc as it must be in all high elevation areas!

Institutional organizations grouped under the Espace Mont-Blanc label are currently developing a “Strategy for the Future”, they should embrace an ambitious objective aiming at radically reducing the tourist flights pollution in respect of our beautiful high mountains, such as Mont-Blanc!

– To reaffirm that Mont Blanc deserves to be protected
– To encourage the “future strategy” of “Espace Mont-Blanc” and especially the “airspace” component
– To ask for an rapid implementation of a harmonized, cross-border regulation of the range overflights.


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