A petition to maintain the status of national parks in Spain

On October 20, the group of the Popular Party in the Spanish Senate introduced, in the discussion on the draft Law on National Parks, amendment 278, which seriously threatens the protection status of National Parks.

This amendment makes the agreement of the owner mandatory in order to apply the National Park status to a parcel within the perimeter. Moreover, even if the owner approves the application of the law on National Parks to his property, he remains master in his own way to organize operations, and in particular to allow hunting, fishing or forestry. Mining or urbanization would also be possible.

Faced with this threat on the most prestigious of protected areas, a group of organizations, including Greenpeace, the Spanish Ornithological Society / BirdLife (Sociedad Española de Ornitologia) and the World Wildlife Fund, have launched a petition requesting the withdrawal of the amendment. This petition has received the support of Mountain Wilderness Spain, whose members are concerned about its possible application to the eleven mountain National Parks in Spain.

Spain has fifteen National Parks, whose area represents 1% of the country.