Mountain Wilderness at the “Rally for the Climate” of the Social Climate Summit in Madrid on 6 December

Rally for the Climate (2)

We were there! On 6 December, Mountain Wilderness de Ayllón, Guadarrama y Gredos (Spain) took to the streets to protect both our planet and future generations. Mountain Wilderness joined the “Rally for the climate” of the Alternative Climate Summit to COP25 held in Madrid, along with a great variety of NGOs from all over the world, all fighting to protect our planet threatened by climate change and global warming. The massive demonstration, with about 500,000 participants, took place in a festive atmosphere, yet making clear demands for action, urging rulers to take measures to curb climate change.

Rally for the Climate (1)
Rally for the Climate (4)

Mountains are among the regions most affected by climate change, yet they play an important role in maintaining the climate. The impact of global warming on the fragile high mountain environment affects its fauna, flora, water resources, it pollutes and degrades the landscape, and is clearly observed in the retreat of glaciers. Mass motorised access or infrastructures such as ski resorts, dams, roads, urbanisation and facilities of all kinds, as well as forest fires contribute to the increasing temperatures of our planet.

Rally for the Climate (5)

It is our duty as an organisation, to take part in the fight for the climate, by changing our habits and practices in the mountains, by educating to the “value” of mountain areas and by reporting any aggression to mountains, as if they were a territory to be conquered and subdued, as well as by asking for the restoration of degraded spaces.


A big thank you to Mountain Wilderness de Ayllón, Guadarrama y Gredos for having participated on behalf of Mountain Wilderness International and for writing this short report.