Mountain Wilderness International – General Assembly 2022

General Assembly 2022 (1)

The General Assembly (GA) of Mountain Wilderness International took place last weekend – at the Les Sommets hut in Canton Vaud’s Jura, with an amazing view on Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc – with participants from Catalonia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. It was the first GA in presence since 2019.

General Assembly 2022 (2)

After approval of the agenda, the outgoing board gave an overview of its activities in 2021: President Jordi Quera with his annual report and Vice-President Gabriella Suzanne Vanzan with her report on social media, website and comms. Many projects were put on hold due to the pandemic, but viewers and followers on social media as well as visits to our website continued to grow. Interestingly enough, visits range from the US to Indonesia!

Our Treasurer, Susanna Gonella, then presented MWI financial statement 2021 and once it was approved, elections for the new board were held.

The outgoing board was confirmed for another 2 year term: Jordi Quera President, Gabriella Suzanne Vanzan Vice-President, Gotlind Blechschmidt Vice-President, Karin Lankes Secretary General, Susanna Gonella Treasurer were joined by Gilles Privat, Vice-President. Congrats to the team!

General Assembly 2022 (3)
Courtesy Marta Corrà

Barbara Ehringhaus was unanimously voted in as Guarantor – for her long-standing commitment to the association – and all other Guarantors of MWI were confirmed.

After the election of the Auditors and the Arbitration Board, current and future activities and projects were presented, including Betto Pinelli’s report on the Asian Desk activities and the upcoming Swat Project’s final stretch.

General Assembly 2022 (4)
Courtesy Marta Corrà

The GA 2022 ended with a group pic and participants had a lovely dinner all together at a charming mountain restaurant. How nice to be able to toast all together sitting at a table and not in front of a screen!

General Assembly 2022 (5)
Courtesy Marta Corrà

Sunday morning was devoted to a workshop on ‘The Spirit of Mountain Wilderness’ with reflections on the Biella Theses and an open discussion about the future of MWI, as well as to the presentation of the WilderGIS project and the “Better Wilder” project proposal by Gilles Privat.

The weekend spent together ended with a convivial lunch.

Warm thanks to all participants, who we hope returned home well, and to Satoriz for the abundant food supplies!

See you next year in Germany!