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Swat Project 2024 (1, featured cut)

Girls in Action! Swat Project 2024

PRESS RELEASE April 27th marked the end of the ‘Swat Girls in Action!’ course organised in Pakistan by Mountain Wilderness International in …

April: Adamello Glacier

With a surface area of 17 km2 and an estimated volume of 2 km3, the Adamello Glacier, located on the border of …

March: Rhône Glacier

The Rhône Glacier, which extends from 2197 to 3600 m a.s.l., is located in the Valais, a canton in southern Switzerland, near the Italian …

February: Aneto Glacier

Aneto is the highest mountain in the Pyrenees and in Aragon, reaching a height of 3,404 m a.s.l. It stands in the Spanish province of Huesca, within the Posets-Maladeta …

Swat girls in action, 2024, featured cut

Test post for MW Pakistan

This is just a test post, to check that a MW Pakistan page could work without appearing in the general post list.