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The latests informations of the international actions of Mountain Wilderness and some other national news.

Everest summit crowded by commercial expeditions


Most of you probably imagined the summit of Mount Everest as a quiet, snowy peak far from civilisation. But then came a …


Uttarakhand disaster, HKH

Consensus is pointing more and more towards a landslide, a combination of rock and glacier ice, as the primary cause of the …

Reading mountains - International Mountain Day 2020

Changing mountains in a changing world

International Mountain Day 2020 with Mountain Wilderness International December 11, 2020 – 7:00 -8:15 pm CET Mountain Wilderness International invites you to …

On the top (6,050 m)

The Thalo Zom Expedition

In support of MWI’s Asian Desk project, an international climbing team was set up with the aim of climbing the Thalo Zom, …