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From glaciers to city parks

The study «The potential of wilderness in Switzerland» from Mountain Wilderness Switzerland shows for the first time where to find areas that …

Mountaineering from out the Flat Land

In general, we do not pay much attention to it, but many people in the flatlands country share the same passion as the mountain community. In his article Oliver Bello describes their love and relationship with the mountains

Toward Changing the Mountain Economic Model

Merchandization and Climate change are disrupting the traditional economic model of the mountain territories. New approaches are needed. The example of the Göschenen ModelRegion is an attempt to change the old paradigme.

Green Mountain Tourism: is it?

This article by Franco Perlotto illustrates a trend which is spreading across the Alps of a so called green “mass” tourism. The basic idea remains the same as it is in the valleys: to bring as many people as possible to areas where they can spend their money by exposing them to attractive products. But in this case, the “product” is the wild nature of the mountain and the price it pays is often neglect

Disputes over the top of Europe

But who cares of the Mont-Blanc preservation? 25 years ago Mountain Wilderness proposed to create an International Natural Park to give Mont-Blanc …