Catalan. 43 years old and born in Barcelona. Graduate in Psychology. She currently works as Clinical Psychologist. She’s the mother of two girls.

Guarantor of Mountain Wilderness from 2004, she is a board Member of Mountain Wilderness Catalunya from 2008.

Early in her life she got involved in the UEC (Unió Excursionista de Catalunya), an important catalonian alpine club where she led groups of young people (10 to 16 years old) on outdoor activities from 1988 to 1990.

As an Instructor of the Catalan School of High Mountain (ECAM) and of the Spanish School (ENAM), she taught sport activities since 1992 to Technicians of Sport graduates. She was also a Director and Instructor of Mountaineering and Climbing Sports of the Catalonia Government from 1989 to 1994.

Professor of Education and Psychopedagogics in the curriculum of applicants to “technician of sports” realized by the FEEC together with the Catalan School of Sports from 1993 to 1996.

She studied and published Doctoral theses on “Protocol for Psychological Training for Expeditions to High Mountains”.

Climbing activities Highlights (apart from regular ascents in the Pyrenees,Alps, Andes and Africa):

• 1997 Expedition to the Nun (7.135 m), reaching the top.

• 1999 Cleaning Expedition of Mountain Wilderness to the Annapurna (8.035m).

• 2000 Expedition to the Muztag Ata (7.546 m).

• 2001 Entirely feminine Expedition to the Shisha Pangma (8.013 m),summitting.

• 2004 Feminine Expedition to the Everest (8.848 m), summitting.

• 2009 Cleaning Huayhuash an MW Expedition with a climb of the Chopicalqui(6310 m)

• 2011 Andes in Bolivia (MFR expedition) with the ascent of Sajama (6.546 m)