Gilles PRIVAT – Vice President

Gilles Privat

I have been a passionate hiker, trekker mountaineer and ski-mountaineer since my teenage years and, from my base in the heart of the French Alps, I have been travelling extensively and crossed the most diverse mountain ranges, up to 7,000 m asl, the world over. For all these years, the exhilaration of just being “in the mountains”, be they remote or close, unknown or familiar, has remained as deep-seated and as intense as ever. With time, I have engaged in various organisations to fight against the threats to our beloved mountains, be they coming from dam projects, logging, ski resorts, 4WDs, helicopters… I have been a member of Mountain Wilderness since the very beginning and have been SecGen of Mountain Wilderness France, then Mountain Wilderness International, for more than ten years. I view my new role as Vice-President to be to uphold the original spirit of Mountain Wilderness, and to adapt it to today’s world that has changed so much since its foundation in the 1980s.