Open to all mountain lovers, independent of financial and political pressures, the Mountain Wilderness Association, born in 1987 in Biella, promotes a comprehensive approach to the mountain where “preservation of the natural environment”, “social justice” and “economical development” are all of one challenge.


The term “mountain wilderness” refers to any untouched mountain environment where anyone who so wishes may come into direct contact with the wide-open spaces, experience solitude, silence, rhythms, natural dimensions, laws and dangers. The essential value of wilderness lies, above all, in its potential to stimulate an intense creative relationship between civilized man and the natural environment. It is the degree of authenticity of this connection that gives this adventure its deeper meaning

This definition comes from the Biella thesis (1987), a foundation manifesto written at the origin of Mountain Wilderness which still drives the actions of the association.



Mountain Wilderness International (MWI) is an umbrella organization that facilitates communications and exchanges between the country organizations or chapters of Mountain Wilderness, where most of the action occurs. It coordinates and organizes international actions and is the official representative of the association in all international contexts with Governments and Non Governmental Organizations.

The Mountain Wilderness movement is active in nearly 20 countries, mostly in Europe and Asia.


When required to bring awareness, and develop dialogue and on specific issues, a number of international field actions are directly driven by MWI. Examples are:

  • Training for ecological mountaineering in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Environmental Education in collaboration with trek agencies
  • Actions for a better mountain airspace management including heliskiing and site seeing flights
  • Mont Blanc protection
  • Development and coaching of  mountain environmentalist teams
  • High altitude camps and routes cleaning  (i.e. first K2 and Huayhuash cleaning expeditions)

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