On the occasion of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the first ascent of Mont Blanc, a gathering of mountaineering élite in Courmayeur issues a statement in favour of the establishment of an international protected area comprising the whole Mont-Blanc range


The international congress “Mountain Wilderness– mountaineers world-wide take the defence of the mountain” adopts the Biella Theses and founds Mountain Wilderness as an international organization based in Italy.


In May: cleaning operation on Marmolada (Dolomites). August 16th: demonstration at Point Hellbronner to denounce the excessive exploitation of high mountains. Reinhold Messner and Alessandro Gogna climb on the main pole of the cable-way in Vallee Blanche. October 22nd: congress in Evian: creation of Mountain Wilderness France with Haroun Tazieff President. Creation of Mountain Wilderness Greece.


April 23rd: demonstration on the Chavière glacier asking to respect the integrity of the Vanoise Park. Patrick Berhault spends the night under the windows of the Mayor’s headquarters. June 9th-11th: first international meeting for Mount Olympus threatened by several touristic projects. Further initiatives of this kind persuade the Greek Government to give up the plan by 1995. June 19th: creation of Mountain Wilderness Catalunya. Italy:3500 persons attend the demonstration asking for the protection of the Gran Sasso range. This is the first step of the Movement that eventually leads to the creation of a National Park in 1992. August 16th: parties from France and Italy form the words “POUR LE PARC on the Vallée Blanche.


August: “FREE K2”, the first cleaning expedition on a Himalayan peak.


June: Creation of Mountain Wilderness Italy and of the International Committee of all Associations for the protection of Mont Blanc, later becoming “Pro-Mon Blanc”.


February 14th: Signature of the Convention on climbing in the Ecrins National Park, which leaves a vast area untouched. March: creation of Mounain Wilderness de Ayllon, Guadarrama y Gredos. Summer 1992: “Transalpedes”, crossing on foot of the alpine range, in order to arouse interest among the elected and the public on the problems concerning the Alps. François Labande is participating to represent France and Mountain Wilderness.


Switzerland: first demonstration against heliski. August 1st: symbolic ascent of Mont Dolent from the Italian, French and Swiss sides. August 4th: launching of the campaign “Dolomites, World Heritage” 200.000 persons sign the petition asking to include the Dolomites in the list of World Heritage; Mountain Wilderness Italy dismantles a modern via ferrata on Mount Casale.


Creation of Mountain Wilderness Switzerland. October 22nd-23rd: Mountain Wilderness Catalunya organizes the first of a series of three meetings on the mountains in the Mediterranean area.


Mountain Wilderness Switzerland launches its campaign against military material abandoned on the mountains. Pakistan: Mountain Wilderness International organizes the first course of Environment-Friendly Mountaineering for Pakistani Liaison Officers. This course will be followed by similar courses yearly in Pakistan, India and lately in Afghanistan.


“Mont Blanc 2000”. Mountain Wilderness organizes a series of demonstration changing itinerary, in order to arouse public opinion on the necessity of protecting Mont Blanc. Some twenty parliamentarians from France, Switzerland and Italy attend this campaign and ask their respective governments to become active on a policy of safeguarding the range and promoting its inclusion in the World Heritage list of UNESCO.


A national meeting against the practice of heliski. April: the Trikala Congress for the protection of the Greek mountains.


October 5th: Sierra de Guadarrama, Mountain Wilderness undertakes the cleaning of the Nevero Peak.


Switzerland: Göschenen – a Model Region. Mountain Wilderness Switzerland links all active persons of the area to participate in a general program of sustainable development.


Mountain Wilderness gets involved in the preservation of the Sierra Guadarrama sources. – “300.000 steps for the Mountains”: a long march from Turin to the top of Mont Blanc. In July: cleaning expeditions on Annapurna organized by Mountain Wilderness Catalunya, and on Broad Peak supported by Mountain Wilderness France.


February 25th: signature of the document: “Mountains and Mountaineering – a Chart for the Year 2000”, committing mountaineers to respect and safeguard the environment in which they move. April 14th: creation of Mountain Wilderness Germany in Munich. Madesimo (Italy): national meeting against motor-sleighs In Tyrol, demonstration against the closing of the railway track “Ausserfern Bahn” heavily used by mountaineers and hikers. Everest: cleaning operation of the South Col by Mountain Wilderness Catalunya.


April 8th: creation of Mountain Wilderness Slovenia. Mountain Wilderness France launches the campaign “Discarded Installations”; cleaning of the Sommeiller Glacier in Maurienne; Mountain Wilderness Switzerland creates the “Centre of mountain sports in harmony with nature” called “Sustainable Mobility”.; Mountain Wilderness Germany blocks the access road to Grosser Ahornboden situated in a protected area, asking for its permanent closure to private cars.


International Year of the Mountain. Mountain Wilderness Slovenia protests against the project of a wind energy farm in the middle of an area chosen for the second National Park of the country. Mountain Wilderness Switzerland stands for the use of public transport. Mountain Wilderness Germany carries out its first demonstration for the protection of the Pitztal Glacier against a linking intermediate station and against a cableway to the Linker Fernerkogl. This operation will be repeated in 2004 and 2007, and the demonstration will be held on Wildspitze, the highest point of Tyrol. August 10th, Chamonix: launching of the campaign “SILENCE! STOP THE NUISANCE OF MOTORIZED ACTIVITIES IN THE MOUNTAINS”. August: first clearing operation of abandoned military installations in the Mercantour National Park. This operation has been repeated ever since every summer. In 2007, 73 tons have been collected. The campaign “Discarded installations” is acknowledged by the Ministry of the Environment and by the organizational Committee of the International Year of Mountains 2002.


“Lingering on Mont Blanc”. Mountain Wilderness Switzerland creates the network of actors for a sustainable tourism in the Swiss Mont Blanc area. “OXUS – Mountains for Peace “: ascent of Mount Noshaq, the highest peak of Afghanistan. This is the symbolic launching of a program aiming at re-launching of tourism handled by the local population and respecting the environment in the North-East of the country. On July 27th and the following days Fausto de Stefani, Irena Mrak, François Carrel and Marco Schenone reach the top, being the first to do so after 25 years. Mountain Wilderness Italy launches the operation “Tenda Gialla” (Yellow Tent). Ever since this bivouac tent is placed as a symbol on threatened sites. Mountain Wilderness Slovenia gets busy against the planned tourist infrastructures threatening the National Park of Triglav. Mountain Wilderness Catalunya dismantles an industrial cableway in Vall Fosca.


Mountain Wilderness Switzerland and Germany organize two cleaning expeditions on Mount Kazbek, in Georgia, Caucase.


January: Champsaur, France: First of a series of demonstrations against the “White Crossing”. Several hundred persons gather with 4×4 and quads just outside the National Park of Ecrins. March 27th: demonstration for the protection of French national parks threatened by changes in the presently applied law. Mountain Wilderness Italy is officially acknowledged by the Italian Ministry for the Environment as an institution of public utility. September: a “Memorandum for the protection of the Triglav National Park is signed by a group of ONG and submitted by Mountain Wilderness Slovenia.


Mounain Wilderness Germany protests against the artificial snow installations for the World Cup of Alpine Ski in Garmisch-Partenkirchen 2011. Mountain Wilderness Slovenia organizes a Congress in August on the protection of mountains. Within the campaign of “Fire in the Alps” torches are lit on top of Triglav asking for further protection of the peak. Switzerland, Pic Chaussy: first demonstration for the campaign „Discarded Installations“ . In 2007, the Federal Transport Office orders the dismantling of the installations abandoned on top of the peaks. Bauges, Col du Frêne. The Regional Nature Park and Mountain Wilderness France dismantle a ski station abandoned since 32 years.


March 4th: demonstration of Sierra de Guadarrama (Spain) asking for the creation of a National Park. Sondalo (Italy): national meeting for the defence of mountain clear water. “To bolt or not to bolt?” Mountain Wilderness Switzerland open the discussion on “clean climbing” by publishing the book “Keepwild! Climbs”. Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Mountain Wilderness Germany launches its campaign “Back to the Wilderness” (Discarded Installations). June 24th: Mountain Wilderness France, France Nature Environment and CIPRA France organize a day to arouse interest in the “sustainable mobility” in the Oisans range. June 25th: Pyrenees “Cumbres Vivas (Living Peaks)”: a series of symbolic ascents by a group of mountaineers from Aragon. July 27th: Mountain Wilderness France and Frapna indict the State for having granted a permit to link intermediate stations throughout the Turra range, in the upper Maurienne. September 16th: cleaning operation in the Sierra de Guadarrma, which will be repeated in 2007. December 5th: creation of Mountain Wilderness Belgium.


February: a new congress on the protection of Triglav leads the government to include Marjeta Kersic Svetel of Mountain Wilderness Slovenia and Jernej Stritih of CIPRA in the group of experts having the task to submit a law project on National Parks. Stelvio National Park: Mountain Wilderness Italy holds a demonstration against the exploitation of the glacier. Mountain Wilderness Switzerland launches the first Mobile Wilderness Prize: 30 days meeting examples of good behaviour in the mountains. Mountain Wilderness France launches the competition “”Change your Approach!” in favour of the use of public transport in mountain areas. August 1st: Anniversary ascent of Mont Dolent. Mountain Wilderness seizes the opportunity for re-launching the protection of Mont Blanc. August: Mountain Wilderness sustains the first trek in Afghanistan since the Soviet invasion in 1978. The trekking is assisted by Afghans having been trained by Mountain Wilderness. September 17th: Mountain Wilderness France is acknowledged by the Council of State as an institution of Public Utility.

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