Such a great loss for us

Stefania with Kurt Diemberger
Stefania with Kurt Diemberger

The little fairy Stefania Benuzzi died on 12 May, 2013. She was the memory of MWI, often working behind the curtain, expressing kindly but firmly her opinion regarding all aspects of MWI.

From the creation of MWI during the bicentennial of the first ascent of the Mont-Blanc by H. B. de Saussure she has been working with her husband Felice the author of the book “No Picnic on Mount Kenia”. After his death she tied with with Carlo Alberto Pinelli, coordinating international activities with a focus on Asia. Stefania was a Vice President of Mountain Wilderness International.

During her youth she was known in the mountaineering world, she started to climb in the 1930’s with Emilio Comic before discovering the wild spaces of the Antarctic with her husband Felice.

She will be deeply missed by all the people who had the chance to cross her route.