Susanna GONELLA – Treasurer

Susanna Gonella

I was born near the mountains.  I was introduced to the mountains as a child, by my mountaineering grandparents. Since I retired from my job in the pharmaceutical field, I live in a village in the Western Alps at 1600 m asl. Mountains are my life, I don’t like sports or competition, I am fascinated by the wild, harsh nature, silence and by living in symbiosis with the natural environment. When I hike alone in the woods or on the rocks I feel at home and for this reason I defend wilderness, as well as its philosophical and spiritual meaning with all my heart. I feel affinity with Thoreau, Marshall, Wordsworth and have lived the most rewarding experiences in the mountains of Nepal and Alaska, far from the civilization. I have been a member of MW Italy since the ’90s and now that I have more leisure time I am proud to be able to contribute to MWI activities.