Roaming around Mont-Blanc … with no car!

As part of its Change of approach campaign, promoting eco-mobility and eco-tourism, Mountain Wilderness France (MWF) has developed a series of publications showcasing mountain outing ideas leaving cars at rest. Each of the brochures is dedicated to a specific territory, either starting from a “city hub” or targeting a mountain range. The Change of approach concept is based on a soft approach, using alternative modes of transport instead of private cars. Change of approach is also about getting more immersed into the mountains, tasting local savors and supporting local economies.

After Isère, Mercantour, Eastern Pyrenees, Hautes-Alpes and mountains around Annecy, the latest brochure proposes a variety of itineraries around the Mont Blanc territory: hiking, snowshoeing, mountaineering and ski touring. This 10 mountain outing ideas around Mont Blanc without a car booklet is available in French, in English, Italian and German.

These routes have been developed by a group of volunteers involved in the campaign of Change Mountain Wilderness approach.

These ten proposals are disclosed in more detail at mont-blanc.changerd’ with all the necessary information to complete them (route topos, outing examples, advices).

For more ideas of outing reachable by public transport, visit, which offers more than 15,000 such opportunities!

Most of the times, for us, mountain is synonymous of clean air, but the reality is much darker (see for example the article: Breathe better in Mont-Blanc –in French). With these proposed outings you will enjoy your nature trip while supporting eco-tourism andshort paths” without leaving behind a strong carbon footprint!

The “10 mountain outings ideas without a carpresented in this booklet represent a saving of 116 kg of CO2!

Interested people and environmental education structures can get hard copies of this booklet from Mountain Wilderness here.