When Nature wins – Val di Mello Nature Reserve

Val di Mello, 18/05/19 (2)

On Saturday, May 18, we gathered in Val di Mello Nature Reserve under leaden skies and a few drops of rain. Despite the cold of this strange May, undeniable evidence of how much climate change is upsetting the natural alternation of seasons, providing an added stress to flora and fauna, we breathed an air of human warmth and celebration. It had to be an event to express dissent, raise awareness and reflect on our relationship with nature, on our love for this valley and, after the latest positive news, it became a gathering  to share information, reflect together, but especially to celebrate, because Val di Mello has won!

Val di Mello, 18/05/19 (1)

On May 7th we walked along the entire orographic left together with Luca Biagini, Jacopo Merizzi and Andrea Panighetti, mountain guides, Luca Schiera from Ragni di Lecco, Massimo Sertori, Regional Councillor for mountain areas, Alessandro Fede Pellone and Massimo Ornaghi, respectively President and Director of Ersaf Lombardia, defining together the ordinary maintenance interventions on the trail. No major flattening and widening of the trail surface, no blowing up boulders. The path will be accessible to joëlettes, but not to wheelchairs, and will not reach Rasica, but end before. Nature, our precious and fragile heritage, has won.

A few days later we received the project, which apart from a few small details – such as the location of toilets for the disabled, which we had agreed to be in the parking lot – reflects what we had agreed upon. Our affirmative reaction to this project was followed by the official statement of the councillor, published in several newspapers.

Now we can go back lighthearted to the valley, be it for a simple walk or to climb, or even just to enjoy its beauty. We must though do so with a watchful eye, making sure that the works that will begin soon really correspond to what has been agreed upon. We can go back to the Nature Reserve knowing that the valley is not ours, that its obstacles are not urban architectural barriers to be removed, but rather the wonderful manifestation of a unique heritage that we want and must pass over to future generations.

Val di Mello, 18/05/19 (3)

A big thank you to all who engaged themselves for the valley!

Submitted by Gabriella Suzanne Vanzan