Gabriella Suzanne VANZAN – Vice President

Gabriella Suzanne Vanzan

“I have always been passionate about sports, I discovered cross-country skiing first and, only much later, mountaineering and skimo. I started as a mountain ‘theorist’ through my profession, which in the last twenty years or so has led me  – as a freelance conference interpreter and translator – to deal with the Alps and to collect data and information on this mountain range, from the most diverse points of view: energy, transport, water resources, agriculture, forestry, land use and climate change. I gradually became passionate about the Alps and started to devote myself wholeheartedly to mountains. I am also Climate Leader within the Italian Team of The Climate Reality Project. In addition to a degree in conference interpreting, I have a degree in political science and as Vice President of Mountain Wilderness I am in charge of communication and networking.”