2026 Winter Olympic Games. Not in my name!

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Mountain Wilderness International declares its full support for the rally to be held in Cortina on October 24 to open the world’s eyes to the truth on 2026 Winter Olympic Games Milano-Cortina.

A real assault on mountains is taking place in the Eastern Alps, and the Olympic Games are increasingly turning into an opportunity for new environmental devastation and waste of resources.

We clearly say: “Not in my name”. Not in our name!

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Together with other NGOs, we wish to denounce the extremely dangerous speculative drift triggered by the forthcoming Winter Olympics. This drift clearly contradicts the statements of the Olympic Committee, according to which 2026 Winter Olympics would be held in Italy in full respect of the ecological, landscape and cultural values of the territories concerned and without changing them.

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There is no doubt that powerful economic lobbies, taking advantage of the guilty silence, if not support, of politicians and of UNESCO Dolomites Foundation are planning (or have already made) radical changes to the eastern Dolomites, claiming that such changes are needed for the holding of competitions or for the reception of the public.

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This clearly shows that the disastrous environmental and economic results of the previous Olympic Games held in Piedmont, leaving only debts and oversized unused infrastructure, has taught us nothing.

If you care about mountains, please help us spread the truth about the Olympic Games claimed to be the “most sustainable” ever.

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