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Events: The Wilderness converges to the roof of Europe


French side of the Mont-Blanc

French side of the Mont-Blanc

The General Assembly of Mountain Wilderness International, which takes place every two years, will be held on Saturday, June 14, 2014, in the Chamonix Valley. It will be organized by the French chapter of the organization with delegates from all Europe and with representatives from Pakistan and Iran.

As it happens that proMONT BLANC’s General Assembly will run in parallel, it was decided jointly to give some shine to these events and surround them with a series of events in the interest of the Mont Blanc territory heritage.

Succession of events:

  • Friday evening, 13th of June: Mont-Blanc Strategy round-table
  • Saturday, 14th of June: Mountain Wilderness International General Assembly
  • Saturday, 14th of June: proMONT-BLANC General Assembly
  • Saturday evening, 14th of June: Panel discussion “The Wilderness made me”
  • Sunday Morning, 15th of June: “Rally for Mont Blanc/Silence”

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 About the 2014 Mountain Wilderness General Assembly

To register for accommodations download the Registration form and send it back to cb@mountainwilderness.fr (Add’l info here)

Rally for MontBlanc/Silence

Top of Europe, Wold Mountaineering Capital, Heart of the Alps.visuel-event-bandeau_ENG-3
Shared by three countries, the Mont Blanc range is a highly emblematic place, it draws a lot of attention as in everybody’s eyes it incarnates the high mountains. That is why we all wish the Mont Blanc’s outstanding environment to be really protected and preserved.
But, today, without a specific regulation, the Mont Blanc’s kingdom of beauty and silence suffers from the increasing number of flyovers and of the insistent uproar of motors echoes.

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Foundation of Mountain Wilderness Austria

MW Austria at the 2013 Alpin Messe

MW Austria at the 2013 Alpin Messe

The international organization Mountain Wilderness dedicated to the preservation of mountain areas gladly announced the foundation of its tenth chapter on November 9 2013.

Due to a technical reason the MWI site team did not publish at time a press release, we are trying to correct this with this article and we deeply apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused to various people.

Right from the start, on the same weekend, the new team members took action in favour of the “Kalkkögl” preservation area .

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The return of the Wakhi Project team

Altitude camp banner

Altitude camp banner

A Mountain Wilderness International Action in Pakistan

The 2 weeks long, environment friendly mountaineering training led by Carlo Alberto Pinelli (President of MW Italia) for Mountain Wilderness International has just successfully concluded at Passu; a village located in Gojal Tehsil of the upper Hunza. The twenty-three successful trainees included three mountaineers from the Wakhan corridor in Afghanistan and seven young girls from Pakistan of various degrees of mountaineering experience.

This “training the trainers” course was held along the spectacular ice fall of the Passu glacier (western Karakoram range)….. (To read more click here)



From the conquest of the night to the defeat of the day

A perspective from Carlo Alberto Pinelli (President of MW Italy )Course in Passu 2013 183 regarding the evolutionthe huts construction  and mountaineering in the Alps.

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Mythic Summits. the problem of overcowding in normal ways

Recently, events such as the “Ueli Steck team” fight with the Nepalese’s Sherpa on the Everest’s normal way and the decision to put cops on the Mont-Blanc have hit the media’s front pages. Consequently raising general awareness of an increasing need to preserve these places from damages caused by a massive flow of people and to manage this flow to a level sustainable by the fragile ecosystems.  (To read more click here)

The Alps Macro-Region: Toward an EU Strategy for the Alpine Region

Aline convention logoAfter 23 years of commitment to a sustainable development of the Alps, the Alpine Convention is facing a new challenge that offers opportunities but also creates some concerns. Indeed, on December 19, 2013 the European Union decided jointly with Alpine states and regions to establish an Alpine Macro-Region. Already two similar Macro-Regions exist around the Baltic Sea and along the Danube. As its name indicates the perimeter under consideration will be much larger than that of the Alpine Convention. It will include vast regions such as Rhône-Alpes, PACA, Lombardy and Bavaria, for example, but also large urban centers such as Lyon, Milan, Vienna and Munich bringing along their respective political and economical weight. (More here)


Sassolungo, Orphan of the UNESCO World Heritage. An oversight? Not really.


Mountain Wilderness Italy’s protest

Mountain Wilderness Italy in the forefront again: a two-day trek around the Sassolungo group organized  to denounce its  scandalous exclusion from the Dolomite World Heritage Site.

On June 26 2009, thanks to the constant efforts of Mountain Wilderness (since 1993), UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) registered the Dolomites as a World Heritage Site. A great success, no doubt about it.

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The Matterhorn under siege

800px-Matterhorn-EastAndNorthside-viewedFromZermatt_landscapeformat-2The municipality of Zermatt wants to revoke the protected area statusof the Matterhorn – for the sake of Heliskiing. Mountain Wilderness Switzerland – together with other environmental associations – castigates the approach of the community of Zermatt who prioritises profit over protection.

MW Switzerland has launched an online petition and requests the federal council of Switzerland to prioritize the conservation of this internationally famous landscape over particular economic interests.

*Please sign on: **www.matterhornforsale.com*  (to read more click here)



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