Swat Project Conference

On December 15 at 16:30, Mountain Wilderness International & ISMEO (International Association for Mediteranean and Oriental Studies) Will present the results of the first phase of the SWAT project concluded on September 20, 2018 Where: at the Instituto Nazionale per l’Archeologia e la storia dell’Arte Piazza San Marco, Roma Entrance is free As available …

Toward Changing the Mountain Economic Model

Merchandization and Climate change are disrupting the traditional economic model of the mountain territories. New approaches are needed. The example of the Göschenen ModelRegion is an attempt to change the old paradigme.

Green Mountain Tourism: is it?

This article by Franco Perlotto illustrates a trend which is spreading across the Alps of a so called green “mass” tourism. The basic idea remains the same as it is in the valleys: to bring as many people as possible to areas where they can spend their money by exposing them to attractive products. But in this case, the “product” is the wild nature of the mountain and the price it pays is often neglect

FAO MountainsMatter Photo Contest

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has launched a #MountainsMatter Photo Contest in celebration of International Mountain Day that is observed every year on …

Mountaineering and climate change

Michele Comi, Geologist and Mountain Guide of Valmalenco, is a member of Mountain Wilderness. Courtesy of Planetmountain, a reflection by Michele Comi …


This is Betto Pinelli’s report on the first phase of the Swat project held in Pakistan for young students with the participation of Italian instructors.