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06 - Chantier IO Mercantour 2013 © Lionel PASCALE - Mountain WildernessTwice a year, the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) selects for funding project applications from conservation organizations .

Global warming, economic and tourism activities impact our natural environment. As mountain fans we are anxious to preserve it and we take our share of the responsibility to save these beautiful areas we so much love.

Mountain Wilderness is a contender in the EOCA “Alpine” category with its Obsolete Facilities” campaign. Rusty pylons, cable lifts, scrap metal, old buildings … many unused infrastructures for tourism, military, industrial or agricultural purposes degrade the mountain landscape. As they have become obsolete, these installations are threats to visitors and the wildlife. Mountain Wilderness is acting directly through sites dismantling and cleaning to lead by example. To date, 367 tons of rubish have been removed from the French mountains through this program!

To help us pursue our action, we need your vote!

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Vote for us from October 5 to 18, (4th project: “Obsolete Facilities”) and share the link with your friends (one vote only by computer)

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